Form of Business:
Charitable organization 86472 8225 RR0001

Certified as an Education Institution by the Ministry
of Human Resources Development of Canada under
section 118.5 and 118.6 of the income Tax Act.

Company Profile:
New Beginnings Support Program began in November
2002 and became a registered charity in January 2003.
New Beginnings Organization is primarily funded by
Corporate and Private Contributors.

New Beginnings' goal from the very beginning was simple:
properly coach, support and encourage young women to
successfully transition from poverty to self-sufficiency.

There are 3 main goals for these women once they complete our program.

1) To create a phenomenal life for themselves and their children. This will require
personal and social development so they can reach their full human potential.

2) Building safe and stronger communities is everyone's responsibility, learning
how to become community builders and to get involved is the way to ‘give back'.
It is the key to community growth.

3) Last but not least, the goal for these women is to create a career not just find
a job, so they become self-sufficient. Statistics show that people who are on social
assistance who just got a job return to welfare (Welfare Toronto 2001).

We at New Beginnings work tirelessly to support these women in this difficult transition. So many
people want to get off the system, but they feel there are just too many drawbacks and a lack of
support. We support women from the beginning of their journey, we advocate on their behalf for
any assistance they require so progress is not interrupted. We also support them after they have
completed their individualized programs and they enter the workforce.

New Beginnings is a lifeline for women who want to become self-sufficient. Many individuals will
discover with the proper support and a proper preparation program in place, self-sufficiency is
possible. We are described, as a one-stop centre for all your personal, economical and social needs.